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Our Multi-Level Programs

Our programs offer a holistic approach to early childhood education, focusing on social, cognitive, and emotional development through age-appropriate activities and attentive care.



Skill-ed provides a structured environment where children are exposed to a variety of learning experiences. It focuses on fostering social, emotional, and cognitive development through play, structured activities, and basic learning experiences. We prepare children for regular school by building essential skills and independence.

Day Care

Day Care

The trusted day care center, where we provide a secure and caring environment for children from infancy to school age. Our dedicated team offers a nurturing atmosphere, stimulating activities and nutritious meals to support your child's growth and development.



Camps offer a unique blend of education and fun, providing children with memorable summer and winter experiences. Through creative activities, outdoor adventures, and social interaction, kids build friendships, develop skills, and enjoy a well-rounded summer and winter vacation.

Post School Activities

Our after-school program is designed to enrich children’s lives with engaging activities, homework support, and skill-building. We provide a safe and fun environment where kids can learn, make friends, and develop essential life skills.

We are still connected to our roots Skill-ed was conceptualized in 2014 as a Post School Activity Program and it has grown since then with new activities aimed at enabling the child to realize his/her true potential. Post-school activities encompass a range of programs and experiences that students can participate in after their regular school day ends. 

These activities are designed to offer opportunities for further enrichment, skill development, and social engagement outside of the traditional classroom setting.

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What Parents Say

  • A place which is secured, hygienic n great place for fun n fun learning...

    tanvi bansal Avatar tanvi bansal
    January 19, 2023

    Awesome summer camp ..... looking forward for next season camp....well done skilled team

    shashi bala Avatar shashi bala
    July 19, 2023
  • Wonderful experience , great learning , gud attiquetes ... like name like fame πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ™πŸ™ thank u teachers and all staff

    Pooja sabh Avatar Pooja sabh
    July 19, 2023


    Ritu Taneja Avatar Ritu Taneja
    July 19, 2023

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